S 21. 4atypical dissemination liposarcomas isidro gracia1, ana peiro2, pedro vergara3, antonio doncel2, joan majo2 1hospital de la sant creu i sant pau - orthopaedic oncology, barcelone (spain) 2hospital de la sant creu i sant pau, barcelona (spain) 3hospital de la sant creu i sant pau, barcelone (spain) goals: liposarcomas are the most common group of soft tissues sarcomas; the myxoid variant has always been considered a low degree tumor. what is with the bathtubs in the viagra commercial In a recent review (liposarcoma: new entities and evolving conceps. buy viagra without prescription Dei tos ap y cols. what is with the bathtubs in the viagra commercial Annals of diagnostic pathology ; aug 2000) the myxoid variant with round cells has been considered a medium degree tumor. We have reviewed cases of myxoid liposarcomas with more than a 5% of round cells and their dissemination patterns. Methods: in this study, on a total of 124 cases treated at our department, of those which 54 were myxoid variant liposarcomas, 5 cases that met the inclusion criteria were considered. generic viagra mg pills These cases were myxoid liposarcomas with more than a 5% of round cells; they had several synchronous focus or soft tissues metastases and bone metastases without lung metastases. The subjects are 4 men and 1 woman with a mean age of 38 years (maximum 65 and minimum 22). 3 out of 5 cases were found in the thigh, 1 out of 5 was found in the popliteal region and 1 out of 5 cases was found at the gluteus. lowest prices generic viagra The medical follow-up of these patients spans 3 years (the maximum length of the follow-up is 48 months and the minimum follow-up is 24 months). Results: 2 out of 5 cases were exitus due to lung and brain dissemination over a mean period of 18 months. The other 3 out of 5 cases followed treatment with chemotherapy, radiotherapy and resection surgery in those areas in which surgery can be performed (gluteus, thigh and shoulder blade). Conclusions: 1. Myxoid round-cell liposarcoma shows a continuous morphological spectrum: pure myxoid liposarcoma (pml), mixed myxoid liposarcoma (myxoid/round cells or mxl) and pure round cell liposarcoma (rcl). viagra coupon 2. Histologic prognosis of these tumors is very difficult (5% of round cells versus 25% of round cells). 3. There are cases of atypical dissemination with a high occurrence of extra-lung metastases (both bone and soft tissues metastases). 4. They appear as a multifocal synchronic or metachronic disease versus soft tissues metastases. 5. A therapeutic decision is difficult in both cases. discounted generic viagra 6. buy viagra canada Overall, they have a bad prognosis due to several synchronic locations. Keywords: myxoid liposarcomas, round-cell liposarcomas, atypical dissemination correspondence address: mr medicine doctor gracia isidro, santa creu i sant pau hospital, - orthopaedic oncology, marã­a claret 167, es-08193 barcelone (spain), phone: 0034932919000, e-mail: igracia@santpau. viagra generic online Es  . viagra 20 mg tackle Skip to main page content home current issue archive contact us subscribe help keywords search advanced â» user name password sign in the expanded histologic spectrum of myxoid liposarcoma with an emphasis on newly.