Monday, october 4, 2010 - 10:20 am17300 quantifying the skin component accompanying concomitant face and upper extremity allotransplantation: is it safe? highest mg viagra Chad r. viagra cost Gordon, do 1, maria siemionow, md, phd1, bijan eghtesad, md2, and john j. active ingredients viagra viagra Fung, md, phd2. (1) department of plastic surgery, cleveland clinic, 9500 euclid ave, desk a-60, cleveland, oh 44195, (2) department of transplant surgery, cleveland clinic, 9500 euclid ave, desk a100, cleveland, oh 44195 background: previous studies have demonstrated that composite tissue allotransplantation (cta) is restricted primarily because of the lifelong immunosuppressive requirements dictated by the skin component (1-4). Therefore, in light of the unexpected death of the first face/bilateral upper extremity (uext) transplant recipient, we aimed to scientifically quantify the size of the antigenic skin component accompanying this type of cta. Methods: a total of five cadavers were studied. All dissections were performed to mimic sizes and levels according to published reports (n=25). Two-dimensional surface area was calculated for all limbs and comparative analysis was performed based on our laboratory's previously-published facial/scalp alloflap data (n=5). viagra 20 mg duration action Results: the mean cadaver age, height, weight, and body mass index (bmi) was 69±15. 9 years, 70±4. 4 inches, 175±49. viagra samples 8 lbs, and 25±4. 5 kg/m2, respectively. viagra without prescription The mean skin quantity accompanying unilateral uext transplants ranged from 335±58. 4 to 787±81. viagra for men over 65 7 cm2 depending on the required level of reconstruction, and from 670±116. 8 to 1575±163. 4 cm2 in bilateral. Facial alloflaps without a scalp component (675±22. viagra for sale 3, as per our group's previous study) were found to be nearly identical in skin quantity to both unilateral proximal forearm and bilateral wrist transplants (675±101. 7 and 670±116. viagra for men over 65 8, respectively). Concomitant facial/scalp with bilateral uext transplants were found to contain up to 2766 ±201. 6 cm2 of antigenic skin. Conclusion: this study, to our knowledge, is the first to demonstrate the antigenic skin quantity accompanying simultaneous face and uext transplantation to be bewteen 1010±80. 7 to 2766±201. viagra coupon 6 cm2. purchase generic viagra online In addition, we found that.